Best 1m monitors for gaming

Monitor in the most important part of a computer. A normal user, who is searching for a monitor for business or everyday use will be concerned about the resolution and power consumption of a monitor. The gamer will be more concerned about the screen refresh rate and response time than the aesthetics before buying a monitor. There are plenty of articles on the web that explains the term “Response Time” and “refresh rate”. In layman’s language, a response time is a time by a pixel of a monitor to illuminate and darken.

A pixel is a small unit of a screen or image. The resolution of a monitor is nothing but the number of horizontal and vertical pixels a monitor has on the screen. For example, my laptop screen has 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution i.e. it has 1920 x 1080 pixels in one row (x-axis) and 1080 pixels in one column (y-axis).

Monitors can have a response time of 1 ms to 20 Ms. Monitors with higher response time are not suitable for gaming. If a monitor takes a lot of time to draw a pixel, you’ll complain that the game is lagging. The refresh rate is the number of times the pixel on the screen refreshes in a second.

Monitors can have a TN or IPS panel. Those who have great knowledge of monitors believe that the color reproduction in a monitor with a TN panel is not as good as that of IPS panel.

Here’s the list of best 1ms gaming monitors you can buy right now:

Best 1ms gaming monitors under 200

  • Asus VX238HAsus VX238H is the best monitor under $150. It is powered by the Asus Eye Care technology, which reduces the stress on your eyes when you’re playing a game or working on an animation. VX238H is an ultra-slim 21.5-inch monitor with an incredible response time of 1 milliseconds. The monitor provides an HDMI port and has RBG connectors. It has an IPS panel and DVI port.

    If you’re using VX238H, you don’t have a buy a speaker. The Asus monitor has a built-in 5-Watt speaker and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

    VX238H is available for purchase in different screen sizes for a price starting at $140.

  • BenQ Zowie RL2445The RL2455 monitor provides different display modes. If you’re playing a real-time strategy game, you can turn on the RTS mode. Likewise, if you’re playing a real-time strategy game, turn on the FPS mode of RL2455.

    The Zowie RL2455 monitor is powered by the BenQ low-input power lag technology and it has a Black Equalizer function that keeps color, brightness, the contrast of the screen balanced.

    You can connect the Zowie RL2455 monitor with computers and gaming consoles with an HDMI port. The gaming monitor employs ZerloFlicker and Blue Light filter technologies to reduce the strain on your eyes. The monitor has a 1ms response time, 144Hz screen refresh rate and a 24-inch panel with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

    RL255 costs $170.

  • Asus VG245HVG245H is a gaming monitor powered by the AMD FreeSync technology.

    What is FreeSync?

    FS is a technology which works supports AMD Radeon graphics card to deliver a great gaming experience.

    The monitor has a refresh rate of 75 Hertz and a response time of 1 millisecond.

    Asus VG245H features two HDMI ports and it includes a hotkey that enables you to change the display modes. It is powered by Asus flicker-free technology which adjusts the backlight of the screen automatically.

    VG245H has a 24-inch LCD display with a full high-definition resolution and an aspect ratio of 16:9. The monitor has an ergonomic stand that allows you to change the height and orientation of the screen automatically. It’s priced at $180.

  • Asus VX228HVX248H is a lightweight 1ms gaming monitor that has a good refresh rate of 75 Hertz and an inbuilt 5-Watt speaker. It has a 24-inch LED panel with a full high-definition resolution and 8 MN: 1 contrast ratio.

    The base of the VX248H monitor’s stand is round which gives it a distinct look. It features the Asus Eye care technology which reduces the eye fatigue. Hence, you can play your favorite game for several hours.

    VX248H has multiple HDMI interfaces and it boasts a matte screen. The monitor costs 187 USD.

  • Samsung S27E330S27E330 is a gaming monitor that supports AMD FreeSync technology. It has a stylish design and a circular stand.

    S27E330 ships with multiple game modes which will adjust the brightness, contrast, and color of the screen. The monitor boasts a 27-inch wide-angle panel and has eye-saver mode function which reduces the emission of blue light rays significantly.

    The Samsung monitor has eco-power saving mode, a refresh rate of 60 Hertz, and a quick response time of 1ms. It lacks a speaker and costs $150.

  • VS278Q is the best-selling gaming monitor on Amazon. The monitor has been reviewed by 8000+ buyers and it has an incredible rating of 4.3.

    Asus is selling 5 variants of VS278Q monitor for a price starting at $100. The 27.5-inch display variant of VS2728Q has 1ms response time. The other versions of VS2728Q have a good response time of 2ms or 5ms.

    VS2728Q is powered by the Asus SVI technology which makes images and videos look crisper.

    Asus has fitted this monitor with two 2-Watt speakers and HDMI ports. It has also added a VESA mount, VGA and display port to the VS2728Q monitor.

Best 1ms gaming monitors under 300

  • AOC Q2778VQEQ2778VQE is one of the top AOC monitors in the world. It has a narrow bezel and a screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The AOC device has a VESA mount interface. It supports wide-angle viewing and 16.7 million color combinations.

    AOC Q2778VQE provides five ports – VGA, headphone jack, display, HDMI, and DVI-D. It has a brilliant contrast ratio of 2 million:1 and an impressive response time of 1 milliseconds.

    Q2778VQE has a 27-inch TN LED panel and a screen refresh rate of 60 Hertz. It has 16 Lbs weight and a WLED backlit system. The Q2778VQE AOC gaming monitor costs $250.

  • ASUS VG245HE

    VG245HE is a 24-inch FreeSync monitor powered by the Asus GameFast technology. It has two speakers and a 24-inch Full HD LCD panel with a refresh rate of 144 Hertz.

    Like other Asus monitors, VG245HE provides a blue light filter function for reducing the eye burnout. Users of this device can adjust the blue light settings as per their preference. The weight of this monitor is 10.5 Lbs.

    VG245HE has functions to improve the color and quality of the image. It features two HDMI ports. As it supports AMD FreeSync technology, you’ll enjoy gaming on a computer with a dedicated AMD graphics processor.

    Asus VG245HE monitor has 1 Ms response time and its price is $250.

  • MSI G24CPriced at $220, Optix G24C is a curved gaming monitor from G24C that costs under $300. It features a 23.6-inch wide-angle curved Samsung screen that boasts a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

    The MSI monitor has a curve rate of 1800R and a good contrast ratio of 3000:1. It supports Adaptive Sync technology to prevent the screen tearing issue.

    Optix G24C monitor’s response time is 1ms and its screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 pixels. With a weight of 9 Lbs, G24C is one of the lightest monitors below $250.

  • Acer XFA240Yet another top-notch Acer monitor under 300, XFA240 is a flicker-less monitor which supports FreeSync technology.

    The monitor features two 4-Watt speakers and blue light filter to reduce eye fatigue.

    XFA240 employs a TN 24-inch panel which has a 144 Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time. It has an ergonomic stand which lets you tilt the panel up to 35 degrees.

    XFA240 provides DVI, HDMI, and VGA ports. It boasts a full HD resolution and has 14 pounds weight. The price of XFA240 monitor is $230.

  • AOC G2460PFG240PF is a 144 Hz budget-friendly gaming monitor with built-in speaker. Like other devices we’ve shared on this page, G240PF has a 1ms response time. Hence, G240PF is a great monitor for playing fast-paced games with complex animations.

    The AOC monitor supports AMD FreeSync technology which reduces input lag. It has 1080p resolution and a 24-inch TN panel.

    AOC G240PF features a black stand and red frame. It has a shadow control function which brightens dark areas on the screen. Thereby bringing life into the game. The monitor has a user-friendly OSD menu where you’ll find options to change the game mode and change the brightness, color, contrast, etc.

    The price of AOC G240PF monitor is $215.

  • Acer Acer GN246HLAcer has launched several monitors below $300. GN246HL is the company’s top gaming monitor in the price segment.

    GN246HL has a great refresh rate of 144 Hz and a brightness level of 350 nits. It also has a 1ms response time. Acer has fitted its monitor with an X-shaped tiltable stand and DVI, VGA, HDMI ports.

    GN246HL flaunts a LED-backlit 24-inch full high-definition panel. It is powered by EcoDisplay technology, which results in 65 to 69% power savings.

    Apart from gaming, you can use this Acer monitor for working with graphics-intensive applications and watching 3D movies. It doesn’t have a speaker unit.

    GN246HL consumes 23-Watt power. The weight of GN246HL monitor is 7.6 pounds and its price is $236.

Best 1ms gaming monitors under 400

  • Acer Predator XB241HXB241H is a gaming monitor with a killer design and impressive features. The monitor has a multi-color ErgoStand stand, which lets you adjust the viewing angle.

    XB241H features a Twisted Nematic Film wide-screen LED 24-inch panel. It has full HD resolution, 144 Herz refresh rate and a response time of 1 millisecond.

    Users of this Acer monitor can overclock the refresh rate up to 180 Hz.

    XB241H supports G Sync, a video rendering technology which makes images and videos look crisper. It provides a great 3D experience when you wear the NVIDIA 3D glasses. Acer XB241H is priced at $399.

  • Dell AW2518HfAW2518Hf is an Alienware series monitor of Dell. It has the highest refresh rate among the monitors we’ve covered here. It also carries a lower price tag than XB241h.

    AW2518Hf has an adjustable black colored stand and a 24.5-inch full HD TN panel with 240 Hz refresh rate, slim bezels, and 1ms response time. The monitor has a brightness level of 400 nits. It provides USB, HDMI, Display, Line-output, and headphone connectivity ports.

    The Dell gaming monitor has an LCD screen which supports AMD FreeSync graphics technology. It costs $350 and has 14 pounds weight.

  • ASUS VP28UQGVP28UQG is the latest and best 4K gaming monitor under 400 dollars with a 1ms response time. It boasts a 28-inch widescreen panel with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution and maximum brightness level of 300-Watt.

    The monitor has great viewing angles, Bluelight filter and it is powered by the Adaptive Sync technology to deliver a good gaming experience.

    VP28UQG ships with a Display Port and it includes 2 HDMI ports. Despite having an incredible resolution, it consumes 60-Watt power when it is on. It provides special settings for adjusting the screen graphics.

    Asus VP28UQG monitor is priced at $399.

  • BenQ XL2720The XL2720 monitor has a fast response time and options to change the game modes. It has a 27-inch full high definition TN panel powered by the BenQ ZeroFlicker technology. It has thick bezels and a tiltable stand.

    XL2720 ships with a BenQ S switch module which allows you to switch settings and modes quickly. In other words, S Switch makes monitor more user-friendly.

    XL2720 doesn’t support Nvidia G-Sync and AMD FreeSync technologies. It offers DVI-DL, D-Sub, HDMI, headphone and Microphone ports. The monitor weights 17 pounds and it costs $380.

  • ViewSonic XG2530XG2530 is ViewSonic’s top-rated gaming monitor under $400. It has a full high-definition resolution, TN 25-inch anti-glare panel that supports brightness levels of up to 400 cd/m2. The monitor boasts a refresh rate of 240 Hertz.

    ViewSonic XG2530 supports AMD FreeSync technology. Hence, you’ve won’t experience input lag or screen tearing issue while playing a game.

    The monitor features MOBA, FPS, ColorX, and RTS game modes and it has a response time of 1ms. It features Black Stabilization function which adjusts the brightness of dark areas on the screen automatically.

    XG2530 has two built-in 2-Watt speakers. It provides multiple HDMI, USB ports. It also includes a display port and a headphone jack.

  • LG 34UC79G34UC79G is a 34-inch LG gaming monitor with a built-in crosshair. The monitor boasts an IPS panel with 144 Hertz refresh rate and 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution. It provides an option to turn on the FreeSync function.

    Like other monitors, LG 34UC79G provides different game modes. It also includes the Black Stabilizer function.

    34UC79G is an Energy Star qualified product. It consumes just 50-watt power. Its weight is 26 pounds. The price of the LG 1mss monitor is $400.